The history of our company

Diverse and rich experience, as well as trends of the modern market largely determines the strategy of development of our production and the creation of new positions and formulations of our products. The significance of these problems is so obvious that we, since 2001, have and are happy to use modern forms of innovation in manufacturing of adhesive.

  Alfaklei was founded in 2008. Today Alfaklei is the market leader in adhesive production for the upholstered furniture, mattress production and noise isolation. In a relatively short period (about 2 years) Alfaklei sells more than 100 tons of products every month. We operate on the territory of Russia and CIS.

  We learned to make fire-proof products, it is proved by tests and certificates of Emercom laboratory. This is a major step towards the safety and quality of Your products.

  We are a domestic manufacturer. Main task is to provide the final user with consistently high quality of products, attractive price and steady supply. We work hard to make every customer satisfied.

  On the other hand the constant information and technical support of our activities require new skills and relevant time quality control systems in manufacturing. Thus, the implementation of the planned tasks allows to obtain conditions for activating chemically safe production. We manufacture best quality adhesive than the competitors, we can make it flammable and non-flammable and odorless. We have always strived and will strive to suggest the best product on the market. We offer you exceptional quality at an affordable price.