alfaklei 104 (fireproof) - fire isolation

Alfaklei 104 - heat-resistant adhesive based on chloroprene rubber. It is designed for assembling materials. It has good adhesion to all common construction materials.


Adhesive has good adhesion to natural and synthetic materials.

Adhesive joint has high mechanical strength, water resistance, frost resistance, elasticity. The use of special types of chloroprene rubbers allows the use of adhesive bonding at elevated temperatures up to 600 ° C.

chloroprene rubber
synthetic resin and additives
a mixture of organic solvents
heat-resistant additives
form - homogeneous viscous liquid with a characteristic odor.
Recommendations for use:
The temperature of the adhesive and bonded materials must be from +15 to +26 C. At higher temperature the open time is significantly reduced. One-sided and two-sided application of the adhesive is possible.
Adhesive is flammable, fire safety regulations should be complied when storing and using.
Adhesion should be carried out in a well ventilated area.
Adhesive should be stored in a tightly closed container at a temperature between 10 and 25C, with the observance of fire safety requirements for storage of flammable materials. Do not store adhesive near open fire and heat, do not expose to direct sunlight. The adhesive can be frozen, by defrosting gently heat the container and mix the adhesive.
By heating use hot water. After defrosting the properties of the adhesive are retained. Guaranteed storage period - 6 months.
Stackable plastic cans - 10 kgs
Stackable plastic cans – 20 kgs
Metal barrels – 200 kgs
Plastic containers – 1100 kgs