alfaklei 301 (noise) - for noise insulation


Alfaklei 301 (noise) - non-flammable adhesive for noise insulation on the basis of rubbers for the bonding of foams, decorative facing materials (fabrics, leather) with each other and for their bonding to hard surfaces (wood, cardboard, etc.).

Fast adhesion, high initial strength. Universal. It has excellent adhesion to various materials. High initial strength.

SBS-rubber, modifiers
dry residue 43-46 %
viscosity (, R2/20 rpm, 20°C) 400±20 mPas
color amber (red)
Density of adhesive (specific gravity) 1.13-1.17 g/cm3
open time - 1-3 minutes (depends on temperature and layer thickness)*
frost-resistant (can be transported at negative temperature, the temperature before use should be brought to 20 ± 5°C)
Recommendations for use:
The temperature of the adhesive and bonded materials before use must be from +15 to +25°C. At higher temperature the open time is significantly reduced. Adhesive is applied to the bonding surfaces using spray gun with nozzle diameter 1.5 to 2.0 mm. *single-sided and double-sided adhesive application. When one-sided application of adhesive consumption is between 45 and 75 g/m2, consumption depends on porosity of surfaces. After applying the adhesive to the bonding surfaces join and press them to the expiration of the open time.
Adhesion should be carried out in a well ventilated area.
Storage period in the manufacturer's original containers is 6 months. Store adhesive in tightly closed container at a temperature not above 25°C. Do not expose to direct sunlight and heat sources.
Stackable plastic cans - 10 kgs
Stackable plastic cans – 20kgs
Metal barrels - 200kgs
Plastic containers – 1100 kgs