alfaklei special - the composition of the adhesive to order

alfaklei special--the composition of the adhesive to order

Alfaklei special - a special adhesive according to your needs.
Own production of alfaklei adhesive does not limit us in the production of new compositions. Call us, we are glad to be closer to our customers!

Attention! If you can't find a suitable adhesive on tour website, just call us and our Manager will help you choose the adhesive for Your needs. Our technical specialists will make the analysis of surfaces, will compare the adhesion of the materials and will find the solution of your problem.
What would be the sense of producing an analogue of any adhesive, if it was cheaper? Yes, Yes, you understood correctly that our adhesive is cheaper!
adhesive for rubber crumb
adhesive for automotive ceilings (used during hauling)
adhesive for commercial linoleum
The minimum order quantity: 200 kgs
Stackable plastic cans - 10 kgs
Stackable plastic cans – 20 kgs
Metal barrels - 200 kgs
Plastic containers – 1100 kgs